15  N O V E M B E R,  2 0 2 0  -  J o n a t h a n  C o r r i g a n 
There are three things I find important for an artist in our age. Quality work from the heart, a life dedicated to others, and a community of driven people. The last point is important above all else. Everything art entails requires a community to experience it. One can paint for an empty room, but more joy can be taken from seeing the reactions of those you surround yourself with. As our current circumstances are riddled with feelings of separation, it is all the more vital that we remind ourselves and those around us, that we're not alone. With that said, I'm excited to bring an opportunity for community on Discord. It's a simple way for myself to engage with you, the audience and provide some escapism through art, conversation, and the occasional tip. 

Check it out for yourself. It's free to join and if you like your stay, then there are some neat goodies for Patreon supporters.

Come join the conversation.