A journey is seldom interesting unless some context is given. Outkorr is a petite creative DIY studio producing original artwork and stories through a combination of traditional expertise: Drawing, painting, sculpting, and design. Made by hand is an important part of the work created through the studio. We draw, and we draw every detail first while embracing new technologies with the old. Art and the process of creativity has been an ongoing medium for self expression and curiosity even at the very beginning of life. This idea is practiced with every new project that we take on. With immense curiosity we take great interest in every creative detail. In all things even outside of work, passion and humility are key values we hold dear. Though we are captains of our vessels, we are not above the changing of the tides. While every new project is completed with utmost attention, problems can arise and so too do we. Whether big or small, we treat each project as equally important to us. It is vital to us that we continue to grow and better not only ourselves but also all of those around us. 
Stories as a device for communicating a message began to become more prevalent as a purpose to reach after. This purpose to create with curious minds later came into fruition through the creation of this studio. Outkorr is the preserving outlet from which we get to express our passions with the world and teach what we know in hopes of bettering our community. This studio is actively moving from day to day, wherever the need is greatest. Through creativity and a curious mind, we hope to produce work that brings awareness, inspiration, and learning by putting a light on the things that are both wonderful and bewildering. 
Creating with my hands has always been a passion of mine and what started out as a hobby quickly turned into a pursuit. During the years of a child, it started with a pencil in hand, a box of crayons, and a lot of time spent imagining worlds that didn't exist. These early stories of robots and monsters came into existence through stick figures every evening while watching my childhood heroes battle against their inner demons and outer circumstances. I was born and raised in Southern California and have since moved to and fro across the pacific west. Through my years I grew to enjoy sparking imagination, feelings of nostalgia, and creativity in both children and adults alike through pictures. I had a job as an illustrator and in that job I got to see firsthand how children reacted to the pictures I created. It pushed me to retrace my steps and discover what I truly enjoyed. In this season, I honed in my goals and wanted to create something that would last and contribute to the creative community as a whole. ​In November of 2016, I shifted my focus to start Outkorr, where everyday is a challenge and an adventure.
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