J u n  1 4 ,  2 0 2 0  -  J o n a t h a n   C o r r i g a n
With every new opportunity opens endless possibilities for creativity to flourish. The start of this new year marks an end and a beginning for myself and the goals I once held. I told myself over again and again this project would be finished and that drawing would be done. I find it interesting how easy it is to let yourself down with all laziness and ease saying "It's okay, I'll get to it another day." Where has the determination gone? Where is the passion for something more? The yearning to create something that doesn't exist? 
Looking back to previous years something was lost. However, something was also gained. New years resolutions are seldom enough for me and leave too much opportunity for easy disappointment. Setting goals and looking ahead to see the possibilities that await you is, I believe, an important part of ensuring success in your pursuits. For myself this year marks a new awakening for the creativity that I used to cherish. In truth a change in direction was needed for growth to happen in my own life both professionally and domestically. A constant question crept to the back of my mind for all of 2019, where was it all going? For what purpose do painters paint? or writers write? What purpose does my work serve? Life comes in seasons, this much I have seen for myself. Fear and uncertainty were my constant companions and though I found peace and strength in those who supported me, inside I was dying still creatively. Where was the drive? Where has the determination gone? Where was I going with everything?
The pit of winding roads which was my circumstances gave way to a new found determination to pave a new path. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, I came to the realization that my work and purpose therein, is to teach what I know while creating beautiful work that captures the imagination of onlookers. 2018-19 were years of creating in the dark. This next year, while I can't predict what will happen, will be one of creating in the light of a new mission. One where my talents and abilities are made indispensable for all who desire to know how to make it in this world as a creative person or just a person in general. I must admit, where I saw myself now is beyond different than what I wished for in 2019. The path I am now on has taken me to many different places where previously I have never been. The scared kid inside me wishes to crawl back to the comfort of a past life, but I know this is folly. Growth cannot happen unless you face what scares you most. Whatever it is. A grateful heart and a focused mind is one that acknowledges the past but stays in the present without the need for unbridled reflection. Don't look back to the past but keep your eyes forward with as much positivity that can be mustered. 
Every day is an opportunity to love and be loved by those around you. To make improvements and become something more. You just need to make the decision.
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