6  j a n u a r y,  2 0 2 1  -  J o n a t h a n  C o r r i g a n 
In Memoriam
This past year of 2020 landed hard for myself here in the studio as it did for so many. The constant stress of Covid-19 kept my creativity at a consistent slow pace with no rises. Despite this, there was a little up side to this past year. Having so much time to look at myself in the mirror forced me to draw, paint, and even sculpt more than I have in previous. To my delight and satisfaction, a recent look into my archives revealed just how productive I actually was. It's a surprising blessing to find and I count myself fortunate to come out of this difficult year with something to show for it. As a new year approaches, there is not doubt more trials will await, but there is also a hope in my heart of enjoying every moment I have. 

I can't wait to get back to work.
Highlights from 2020