4  O c t o b e r,  2 0 2 0  -  J o n a t h a n  C o r r i g a n 
In explanation, creativity is the self-expression of an artist's feeling, message, or perspective. I think everyone has the ability to be creative if technical skill evades them. Creativity at its core is not limited on medium or technical skill alone, those with enough curiosity can thrive in its constraints. Even the accountant slaving over her spread sheets. In my experience as an artist who works with traditional drawing and painting practices, I see creativity in a more physical sense. A drawing is an expression of creative thinking. It's also a technical record of what I see. Distinguishing the different uses of creativity better helps me to understand how I can work with it.

Recently, it has been a constant uphill battle for harnessing the opportunities of creativity. Being creative seems so much harder now than when I was a lad. Perhaps this dilemma is due to a life bombarded by distractions from media feeds. Or perhaps this is partly my own issue for having an occupied mind. Both of these or others could possibly be the reason for my current absence of creativity. I digress; as a child, I did not force creativity, it merely found me in the process of play. The absence of serious responsibility allowed for momentary experiments of play. Releasing my mind to think whatever it wanted. In experimenting with protected time slots of play throughout my day, work, life, it has proven most valuable for generating new ideas or solutions. I think if one wishes to be creative, then one should consider allowing moments of experimentation within constraints. You very well could create your next big project.